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If you believe you have termites in your Massachusetts home, your first step should be calling the professionals -- don't self-treat termites!

Want to hear something sort of embarrassing? Your loyal pest management blogger had termites swarming in their living room this morning. Yep, awkward. It’s never happened before, and we’ve lived in this house for years. The good news is, I knew what not to do-- spray them.

You’ve seen it in our past blog posts: We have no problem telling you how to perform DIY control and prevention of certain pests, however-- It’s not a good idea to DIY termite control. Here’s why.

Don't Try This At Home: Termite Control

All termites are not created equal. Sure, we only have one species native to our region (subterranean), but never say never: Our team has seen drywood termites on Cape Cod!

All products are not created equal. When you can’t be sure exactly what you’re dealing with (including flying ants and not termites), you can’t be 100% certain of the best approach or product. Not only does that compromise efficacy, improper application or use can compromise the health and safety of people and pets in your home.

You can make it harder for yourself—and pest professionals. By disrupting termite activity with over-the-counter treatments or removing mud tubes, you jeopardize the ability to properly identify termites and locate or eliminate the colony, and that goes for seasoned professionals as much as DIY-ers.

One word: Cost. Again, termites can be tough to identify; they can also be tough to find. While you’re spending hundreds of dollars trying different products and tactics, they can be doing thousands of dollars’ worth of unseen damage to your home. Most homeowners’ insurances do not cover termite damage, and the cost of repairs average about $3,000. Termites are an expensive pest, causing an estimated $5 billion of destruction annually.

The best approach? If you have what you believe to be termites in or near your home, call a company with experience in termite control, like Burgess Pest. We provide free estimates for termite elimination and prevention, taking all the guess work out of what can be a very stressful and costly DIY project. We even have an on-staff entomologist who will identify suspected termites for free by photo!

Head to our site for more information and to request an estimate.

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