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Cockroaches may not be as indestructible as we thought-- during cold winter months, they must scurry to warm shelter in order to survive.

How Do Cockroaches Survive Winter?

We’re all familiar with the common theory that roaches will survive long after humans and other animals are

 gone. It’s easy to see where the hypothesis stems from; after all, cockroaches have been around for hundreds of millions of years and are still going strong. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy for them, though-- roaches work a lot harder at survival than we may realize.

Because cockroaches don’t hibernate or migrate and can’t survive freezing temperatures, they must find warm shelter to outlast the winter. Unfortunately, sometimes your home is a very appealing option. So what are the hotspots for roaches in winter?


Wood piles. Piles of firewood or lumber may offer enough protection to survive cold months.

Decaying trees. Dying trees or stumps are safe shelters from winter elements.

Leaf piles. Leaf litter and other yard debris might provide enough insulation for roaches to maintain a safe body temperature.


Walls and rafters. If cockroaches can locate small gaps or cracks, they can easily make a warm retreat out of drywall or insulation.

Chimneys. Ungrated or structurally deficient chimneys are vulnerable to roaches and other kinds of flying pests.

Kitchens. Some species of cockroach are perfectly happy to set up shop in kitchen cabinets and pantries.

Appliances. Appliances like toasters, microwaves, even game consoles and refrigerator motors, offer warmth and darkness—two of the things roaches like best.

Basements. Because basements tend to be the most humid area of a house, roaches gravitate to these spaces.

Drains and pipes. Moisture is an automatic attractant for cockroaches, and pipes can often lead them to even warmer environments.

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