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Get a head start on Massachusetts mosquito prevention-- even in winter months.

If you’re anything like me, you spend winter months holed up in the house at every opportunity. The moment I leave the house on a cold day, all I want is to go back to my couch and the never-ending pile of blankets calling my name. The last thing on my mind is the next cookout, or gardening project, or getting the pool ready for summer. No sir. And if I didn’t work in pest control, I wouldn’t be thinking about mosquitoes, either. The fact is, though, mosquitoes in Massachusetts are a real problem, and it’s never too soon to prepare for the spring onslaught.

Winter is Time for Preemptive Mosquito PreventionMany people think that because they're spending less time outdoors, mosquitoes aren't a threat-- but mosquitoes could be overwintering on your property, waiting just like you are for warmer temperatures. With  reports of diseases such as West Nile Virus and EEE skyrocketing last year in Massachusetts, there's no such thing as too careful. Here are some tips for starting mosquito prevention now—because it may not seem like it, but spring is right around the corner (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves).


  • Remove water sources. Okay, today it’s probably ice or slush, but removing sources of water around your property now means not having to worry about it later. Buckets, storage bins, watering cans, even bird baths can provide enough stagnant water for a female mosquito to lay up to 300 eggs. Keep tarps, grill covers, and tire swings clear of standing water as well. Watch outdoor pipes and spigots for leaks to prevent pooling as the weather warms.
  • Winter landscaping. Trim overgrown grass or dense vegetation and leaf litter and fill in low-lying areas where water can collect. Prune bushes and trees to let the sunlight in—mosquitoes like it dark and damp. If you take that away, your property is less attractive to overwintering populations.
  • Home precautions. Clearing your gutters of leaf litter prevents nesting inside, and also cuts down on water overflowing and puddling beneath, providing mosquitoes another breeding opportunity. Leaf litter plus melting snow equals quick clogs, so keep a watchful eye. Make sure water flows properly off of roofing and eaves and has limited space to collect below.

Final tip: Call Burgess Pest Management! Ongoing, active mosquito control through the warm months is crucial in eliminating adult mosquito populations. Controlling the adults means fewer overwintering immature mosquitoes, which means less to worry about during the winter months. Our seasonal, environmentally-safe treatments begin as soon as the weather breaks-- schedule your estimate today so you’re ready to go for spring!

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