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For nearly eight months out of the year, one of our most popular services is a monthly tick and mosquito control plan. Whether treated as a standalone service or part of our Pad Protection Plan, which offers coverage for 30 pests, including ticks and mosquitoes, customers have a lot of questions about Massachusetts tick and mosquito control. That's a good thing! Massachusetts tick and mosquito control

Through nearly 100 years of pest management experience, our team at Burgess Pest Management consistently finds that the best customers are well-informed customers. There are a lot of questions you should ask when meeting with an inspector from a reputable company. Most importantly, you should know that not all tick and mosquito treatments and companies are the same.

The phrase "apples to apples" is one that applies in this context. If you request multiple estimates, make sure you're comparing "apples to apples" among the quality of the company, before simply looking at the cost. We're finding that some Massachusetts tick and mosquito control companies advertise bargain prices, only to apply inferior product and charge every time you need them to come back for a re-treat, even after inclement weather. In many case, this means customers ultimately spend more money, even though they went with the lowest price.

When Burgess Pest tick and mosquito inspectors perform property inspections and assessments, we try to share the chart below with potential clients. The goal is to provide as much information as possible, while helping you along the path to becoming a well-informed customer. Go ahead and take a look below, and if you need any pricing or additional information, click the tab below!

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Massachusetts tick and mosquito control


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