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4 Pests That Might Crash Your 4th of July Celebration

The 4th of July is fast approaching, which means many of us will be celebrating with family and...

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DIY Ant Control Checklist for Your Massachusetts Home

The ants go marching two by two... but when they're in your home, it feels like they march by the...

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Stop Mosquitoes from Bugging You This Summer [INFOGRAPHIC]

More than being an annoyance, mosquitoes in Massachusetts are known to spread Eastern Equine...

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Mosquitoes on the Move in Massachusetts

June 19th-25th is Mosquito Control Awareness Week, and mosquitoes are certainly a good pest to be ...

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Stop Bed Bugs as Vacation Season Starts

Bed bugs are a year-round threat: We can pick them up just about anywhere, even on public...

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Lone Star Ticks on the Rise in Massachusetts

As New Englanders, we’re used to the yearly warnings about tick season; it almost seems like every...

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Bug-Free Barbecue: Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Cookout

Memorial Day is upon us, and for many people that means hosting the traditional cookout....

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Massachusetts Pest Activity Is Heating Up

After this humid 90-degree weekend, we’re not the only ones feeling the heat – warm, damp weather ...

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Get Ticked Off: How To Safely Remove A Tick [INFOGRAPHIC]

We're at the end of Tick Awareness Week, and we've covered quite a bit: We've talked about ...

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Ticks Can Make You Sick: Tick-Borne Diseases in Massachusetts

Ticks may be small, but their bite can pack a big punch. Living in a hotspot for tick activity,...

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