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One of the most frustrating pests to control in our region is mice. It seems that, no matter how hard many of us try, they find their way inside our homes, despite our best efforts. Beginning in the fall, when temperatures cool down, requests for rodent elimination in New England become our highest volume inquiry at Burgess Pest ManagementRodent elimination in New England

Achieving total rodent elimination in New England takes a multidisciplinary approach to pest management. It's not one or two simple steps that will achieve control. Rather, it's a series of natural transitions that allows our team of experts at Burgess Pest to execute a proven strategy that guarantees total elimination: Inspect, Detect, Correct.

During an initial inspection phase, we're seeking to identify the vulnerable zones and searching for the source of the infestation. Mice need a food source to thrive, so perhaps you've been overlooking something obvious, such as storing bird seed, dog food, or grass seed in your basement or garage, 

Once we've detected the sensitive areas of the infestation, we describe the plan to achieve total elimination, and of course, always detail our recommendations in a written report and service agreement. At Burgess Pest, we maintain Customer Account Access (CAA), so you always have access to digital files, site reports, service agreements, and service details. 

The correction phase of our rodent elimination program involves a few steps. First, we install devices and tamper-resistant stations inside and outside your home. Second, we return for several follow-up visits to monitor, replace, and add product as needed. At this point, most customers are enrolled in a Pad Protection Plan, which covers mice for as little as $39 per month. Finally, once we've achieved the level of control we need, it's time to perform exclusionary services, which may include sealing openings with sealant and copper mesh. We also remove contaminated insulation from basements and attics, sterilize the contaminated area, and re-install new insulation. During the period when your insulation is removed, it's easier for our team to find additional openings and vulnerabilities, which we seal at that time.

We find that most people try to solve a rodent problem on their own first, and unfortunately, fail. It's understandable; this is not an exact science and mice are adept at evading capture. They also reproduce extremely quickly. So, if you need a professional set of eyes on the problem before it manifests, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can start by clicking the tab below and one of our customer care specialists will be in touch!

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