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Termite swarm in Massachusetts

Have you ever wondered if your home might be infested with termites, but haven't know what to look for? If so, there's good news. Springtime is the easiest time of year to spot a termite swarm in Massachusetts. This is because a swarm only happens during the spring. termite swarm in massachusetts

A termite swarmer is the reproductive stage of termites. In the spring, they emerge and are often visible to homeowners. These termites have translucent wings about twice the size of their cylindrical bodies. They will often congregate near windows or any area that allows outside light to come in. Termite swarmers will not damage your home. It's the subterranean termite that is doing the damage.

Termites in Massachusetts tend to go into a state of inactivity during the cold weather months. But even during the spring, summer, and fall, subterannean termites are very difficult to find. They exist only at a subsurface level because outside light is their enemy. 

Termite swarms in Massachusetts are indicating that a larger problem exists beneath the soil. Burgess Pest Management is the best Massachusetts termite exterminator when it comes to detecting a problem early and guaranteeing termite colony elimination. 

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