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The timing of termite swarms varies by region, but it's generally safe to assume that Massachusetts termite swarm season begins in the spring, or even as early as late winter. Termite swarm Massachusetts

A lot depends on the weather, but it's possible an interior termite swarm can happen in February and last through May or June. With our record snowfall in the winter of 2015, some termite experts are predicting that we'll experience a delayed Massachusetts termite swarm season.

Termite swarmers are the winged reproductive stage of termites, which will die on their own. They're important, however, because they indicate a larger termite infestation exists, calling on the need for Massachusetts termite control. 

  • Termites are subterannean, so the swarm is just an indication of a problem below.
  • Termites are consuming cellulose, in the form of delayed plant matter, such as the wood used to build your home.
  • Massachusetts termite swarms are sometimes noticed in the warmest areas of the basement, near the boiler and windows.

Massachusetts termites are destructive pests. If you are one of the thousands of homeowners who experience a Massachusetts termite swarm this year, your next step is to contact a termite control expert like Burgess Pest Management to perform a free inspection and estimate. We also provide our clients with free information on how we've solved thousands of severe termite infestations, which you may find on our website.


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