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Comparing the way companies treat for mosquitoes and ticks

When you hire a company for mosquito and tick control in Massachusetts, you're placing your trust that the service will be performed as advertised. There are many considerations customers make when hiring a service provider, including experience, application methods, and cost. While many tick and mosquito control companies share a common goal in reducing pest activity, not all companies, and treatments are equal. Here is some information you should consider, as a comparison model, when investigating tick and mosquito control in Massachusetts.  mosquito and tick control in massachusetts
Here are some key points about how Burgess Pest Management Protects Your Pad from mosquitoes and ticks in Massachusetts,
  • 200-gallon hydraulic sprayers
  • Strong enough PSI to reach high brush and tall trees
  • EPA-registered product/ environmentally-friendly, residual applications
  • Organic options offered 
  • Licensed and certified experts, licensed through the state Department of Agriculture 
  • On-staff entomologists and experts to identify pests
  • Friendly, reliable, and conscientious staff
  • Customized applications with detailed site maps to avoid sensitive areas
  • Accountability with service supervision and support staff
By comparison, some companies do not offer the same quality and value. While the price may be low, you generally get what you pay for. Some of these companies:
  • Use cheap backpack misters without enough PSI to kick up underbrush, let alone reach tall trees and shrubs
  • Unlicensed, unqualified applicators spray non-target areas, including your lawn
  • Inferior product breaks down quickly and offers little or no residual 
  • Cheap prices lead to poor service quality and little accountability
  • Nickle and dime customers for extra treatments, even after rain

At Burgess Pest Management, we feel that informed customers are the best customers. You have a right to know about the products being used, the treatment methods, and the technicians applying the product. As always, safety is our top priority. It is critical to treat for mosquitoes and ticks aggressively, but safely,

As many New England residents know, the health-related risks from mosquitoes and ticks are serious enough to consider a professional treatment, in order to reduce pest activity. New cases of EEE, West Nile, Lyme disease, and other illness are becoming increasingly common, according to health reports.

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