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As so many homeowners in New England know, winter is the most active time of the year for rodents. Like us, they want to find ways to stay warm, and oftentimes, it's by coming inside our homes. But saying goodbye to mice this winter means you first have to find them. So here are three common places to search for micethree common places to search for mice

  1. The basement sill. It may take a ladder or small chair to prop yourself up high enough to see the top of your basement sill, but this is a common place mice are scurrying around. While you may not see an actual mouse up there, it's more likely that you'll see their droppings.
  2. Your insulation. Whether it's in the basement or your attic, mice love to nest in insulation. A quick visual inspection can reveal nests and contaminated areas that should be removed by a professional.
  3. Small openings are passageways. If you inspect around the pipes under your kitchen sink and notice grease marks, those could be from mice. They sometimes leave behind greasy smears when their dirty and oily coats brush up against tight openings.

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