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Massachusett Termites

Pest pressure in Massachusetts is very season specific. In other words, there are certain pests that are more active during particular times of year. Rodents are active in winter, ants become more active in the spring, and mosquitoes are biting during the summer. But there is one pest that defies this logic. Winter termite swarms in Massachusetts are quite common. In fact, February is a month when Burgess Pest Management commonly encounters Massachusetts termite swarms.termite swarms in Massachusetts

A termite swarm is the reproductive stage of termites. These winged pests are commonly confused with flying ants. Although termite swarms will die on their own, they are signifiying that a larger problem exists that must be addressed immediately.

Since termites are subterranean, they are destroying wood at a subsurface level. This means that you often have no idea that your home is infestated with termites, unless a termite swarm reveals itself in the spring. Whether it's termites on Cape Cod, or termites in Boston, for example, these wood destroying pests are capable of causing extensive damage to your basement sill, or other areas of the structure. 

While termite swarms only happen once per year, termites can be doing damage almost year-round. That's why Massachusetts termite swarms are so important to recognize. So if you do notice something with wings about twice the size of its body this winter, don't assume it's a harmless flying ant. It could be a revelation that a deeper problem exists.

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