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Under the Weather: How Weather Affects Pest Pressure

We aren't the only creatures affected by changing weather-- pests in New England have to adjust...

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Frustration with Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be active despite cold New England temperatures. Take your kitchen back from...

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When Spiders Move In

Learn about the most common spiders that make your Massachusetts home their home.

What comes to...

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Rats! A Growing Problem on Cape Cod

The past few years, Cape Cod has seen more rat activity than ever. Here's how to keep your yard...

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Roaches in Massachusetts - What You Should Know

They've been around since the dinosaurs, but what do you really know about cockroaches in...

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Winter is Time for Preemptive Mosquito Prevention

Get a head start on Massachusetts mosquito prevention-- even in winter months.

If you’re...

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I Don't Have to Worry About Termites Until Spring... Right?

It may not be swarm season, but termites can still be a problem in Massachusetts.

We all know...

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Bugs in the Basement - Should I Be Worried?

Are Massachusetts basement bugs truly as insidious as our wild imaginations have convinced us?


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