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Termites in New England are gearing up for swarm season-- are you prepared?

Spring is so close here in New England, we can practically smell it. While we all know that March weather can be unpredictable, it doesn’t keep us from crossing our fingers, knocking on wood, carrying rabbits’ feet, what-have-you, that we’re in the clear. If we are, in fact, out of winter’s shadow, it means that termite swarm season is not far off.Termite Season is Coming

Termites don’t particularly care about the weather, unless it’s an extended period of freezing temperatures. They don’t mind if it’s cold or even snowing; snow can act as insulation and prevent cold from getting far enough underground to reach the colony. The colder it is, the farther down termites will go—and the closer to your home they’ll stay.

Although cold weather won’t stop termites, they generally prefer it warm. Warm and damp. Termites require plenty of water to survive (you would too, if your diet consisted primarily of wood), so it makes sense that March tends to kick off termite season. Spring rain not only softens wood and other food sources, it signals reproductive termites that it’s time to mate. Once a male and female pair off, they will shed their wings and burrow into the freshly-dampened soil to begin a new colony.

How do you know you have a termite problem? Shed wings or swarming/flying insects near windows or basement areas are often the first indicators. Swarm season may be the only time of year to find out you have an infestation. Download our termite swarm checklist here.

The best way to protect your home from termites is prevention. The experts at Burgess Pest have been identifying and correcting termite problems for nearly a century, so call us at the first sign (or before!). Termites don’t give up, and neither do we.

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