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Moms in the Pest World

Mother's Day is this Sunday, and while we may like to think we have nothing in common with...

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Unbeleafable: Winter Moth Caterpillar Problems

Winter moth caterpillars in Massachusetts will soon be emerging, ready to feed on our trees.


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Pest Control is an Essential Service

To say the very least, recent and ongoing developments in the COVID-19 pandemic have kept us on...

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Disinfectant Services: Pad Protect + Disinfect

During this COVID-19 crisis, Burgess Pest is providing disinfectant services for New England...

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Stay-At-Home Survival

Spending more time at home used to sound like The Life, but many of us are now dreading it...

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How Pest Control Relates to Daylight Saving Time

Hey, New England: We're turning our clocks forward this weekend, and an entomologist is...

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Where Pests Hide in Your Home

Knowing where to look is half the battle in keeping pests out of your New England home.

If you...

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2020 Spring Pest Predictions [INFOGRAPHIC]

We're almost on the other side of winter, and New England pests are just as excited as we are. 


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Roll Call: Pill Bugs and Sow Bugs

Depending on where you grew up, you might call them roly polies, potato bugs, pill bugs, sow...

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Rainy Day Pests

Think pests in New England take a break when it rains? Think again.

This morning was a tough...

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