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It's Mother's Day this weekend, and while we may like to think we have nothing in common with pests, one universal truth is undeniable for people and pests alike: Parenting is not for the faint-hearted.

True, insects and rodents may not have to battle with homework, extracurricular activities, picky eaters, bedtime routines, laundry, or dirty bedrooms, but some pest moms still have it pretty rough.

best Massachusetts termite controlA termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs a day, and millions of eggs during her lifetime. Not to point out the painfully obvious, but that’s a lot of babies.


best Massachusetts mouse controlFemale mice can mate again immediately after giving birth—that means they can have another litter as soon as 25 days after the last. Yikes.


earwigs in MassachusettsAn earwig mom will do just about anything for her young, from dropping everything to move her eggs to a new nest at the first sign of danger, to chewing food for her babies.


massachusetts bee controlSome bee and wasp moms bury paralyzed insects with their eggs, so newly hatched babies can feed. Food is love, as they say...


best Massachusetts cockroach control

Female roaches encase their eggs in a protective covering and carry it with them for days until they find a satisfactory hiding spot for the eggs to hatch.


best Massachusetts ant controlQueen ants of some species can lay up to 300,000 eggs within just a few days, which begs the question: How do they get anything else done?



best Massachusetts spider controlMother wolf spiders carry their eggs on their backs. Once they hatch, the young remain on her back until they are old enough to go off on their own. The extra weight slows Mom down, meaning she is frequently in danger and often goes hungry.


If you're planning to celebrate a (hopefully human) Mom this weekend, here are some tips for keeping the festivities pest-free:

  • mother's day pest controlIf making brunch, breakfast in bed, or any other meal, be sure to clean up - Wipe down surfaces, sweep or vacuum floors, and don't leave dirty dishes, food, or drinks out in the open.
  • When spending time outdoors, use EPA-approved tick and mosquito repellents, be on alert for bees nests, and keep any food or drink covered.
  • When bringing flowers, plants, or packages inside, check for signs of hitchhiking pests.

The bottom line? Being a Mom can be tough, no matter who - or what -  you are. Don't forget to thank yours this weekend!

P.S. If your mom hates bugs or rodents, a pest-free home is the gift that keeps on giving, and it all starts with a free estimate from Burgess Pest (or a copy of our Spring Pest Guidebook).

Happy Mother's Day!

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