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Debating calling a professional for a pest problem in your New England home? Here's why bringing in the experts is the best plan of attack.

Pests are called pests for a reason: they’re annoying! Not only that, pest infestations can damage property and threaten the health of people and pets. More annoying than having a pest problem is trying to get rid of it. There are so many options at the hardware store, innumerable home remedies listed online—where to begin? Does it work? Is it safe? Although it may be tempting to try eliminating a pest issue on your own, it’s worthwhile to call in the experts, and here’s why.

Why Call the Pros?

Finding the source of the problem. Often, the pests you can see aren’t telling you the whole story (meaning, they won’t “rat” their friends out—sorry). For example, a few ants in your kitchen are likely coming from a colony elsewhere in or around your home. Killing these ants won’t eliminate the colony and may only prompt them to move to another area. Centipedes in your basement? They may be hunting other pests that have made themselves comfortable.

Proper identification. Without accurate identification, eliminating a pest infestation becomes even more challenging than it already is. Different methods, products, and treatment frequencies are required for different pests. A licensed professional can identify what’s plaguing you and determine the appropriate—and safest—approach.

Saving you time and money. Professional intervention brings faster results and, in the long run, saves you money. Trying multiple DIY remedies is a long process, and if you’re at the hardware store every couple of weeks for months at a time, your wallet will feel it. As the problem goes on without successful treatment, damage to home and belongings only gets worse, with repair costs climbing. Pest management professionals have access to products you can’t get over the counter, extensive knowledge of a variety of pests, and plenty of experience under their belts.

I could go on and on about why it’s best to hire a pest professional, or you could find out for yourself—call Burgess Pest to schedule a free inspection and estimate. Pest management is our business; it shouldn’t have to be yours.

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