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Fall pests in Massachusetts

It's easy to assume that summer is the only time of year that we should worry about pests finding their way inside our homes. Ants, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects are always more active when the temperature is warm enough to support their reproductive habits. But common fall pest invaders in Massachusetts include all of these pests, and many more, which tend to be even more visible indoors when the weather cools. Fall pest invaders in Massachusetts

Insects like ants and spiders are active outside all summer, as food and water sources are plentiful. But when the nights cool, they begin looking for areas to stay protected from the cold. Spiders are busy eating insects outside during the summer, but they, along with ants may have a better chance at finding a meal in your basement or kitchen in the fall.

Rodents are another common fall pest invader in Massachusetts. Mice and rats are seeking warm nesting areas when the nights get cold. By squeezing into openings as small as the circumference of a dime, mice find easy refuge in basements. Once there, they reproduce quickly while enjoying all of the easy food sources they may find in your home.

There are many other insects that become more active in the early fall, including wasps and hornets, which you've likely been noticing buzzing around outside. They're also attracted to warmer spaces, as they gather as much nectar as possible before winter comes.

As always, Burgess Pest Management advocates an Integrated Pest Management strategy of proactive control and prevention, as the best approach to achieving better Massachusetts pest control.

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