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It's hot. It's humid. It's July.

If you're a mosquito, life is good.

But if you've been trying to use your outdoor space, especially in the evening recently, life hasn't been so great. This is the time of year that Massachusetts mosquito control season is reaching its peak. Massachusetts mosquito control

In order for mosquitoes to thrive, they need one essential element: water. Whether it's a bucket filed with rain water, a trash barrel with a puddle in the bottom, or a pile of damp leaves, adult, female mosquitoes need this moisture to lay their eggs on the surface of the water. Within a matter of days, these eggs hatch into larvae. 

Between the pupal stage and turning into adults, mosquitoes continue to gain strength, until they're strong enough to fly from the surface of the water. Female mosquitoes feed on blood, which they require in order to breed. 

When you combine hot and humid weather with some fairly damp conditions and small pools of water, you have the ideal conditions in which mosquitoes are able to breed. At Burgess Pest Management, our mosquito team uses 200-gallon hydraulic sprayers to apply a low-impact residual product that's easy on the environment, but harsh on mosquitoes.

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