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Massachusetts rodent control

There's a strong seasonality to rodent control in Massachusetts due to the variations in weather we experience. As you may know, fall is one of the most active periods for rodents in Massachusetts, which is directly attributable to the decline in average daily temperature. rodent control in massachusetts

Although rodents commonly enter homes during all twelve months of the year, there are three factors that help to explain why they're seeking shelter in your home.

  1. Protection from temperature extremes. Mice are sensitive to changes in outdoor temperatures, and just like us, they'd prefer to seek refuge from the cold. When overnight temperatures decrease to between 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit, mice begin searching for ways to get inside. With small, pliable bodies capable of squeezing through openings the size of a dime in circumference, it's easy for mice to find tiny openings along a building foundation.
  2. Availability of a food source. Given the chance to easily feed on a readily available food and water source, mice will always prefer to consume what's closest to them. If mice are nesting in a basement, for example, it's important to evaluate what food sources you may be providing. Bird seed, dog food, and grass seed are three commonly stored food sources. 
  3. Reproduction. In ideal conditions, the gestation period for a mouse is approximately 20 days and a single litter can produce 6-12 offspring. Given the comfort your home may be providing, with an available food source, a single pregnant mouse that happens to find its way inside may quickly infest your home.

One of the ways we proactively control mice is by implementing our custom Pad Protection Plans. With 365 days of coverage against mice and up to 29 other common pests, Burgess Pest Management is at the forefront of effective control efforts. 

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