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Fast rodent gestation period

Each fall when the weather begins to cool down, our call center experiences an increase in requests for rodent control in Massachusetts. This never surprises us because we've come to expect it, but we find that many homeowners with a mouse or rat infestation are surprised to learn about the rise of the rodent population in Massachusetts. massachusetts rodent control

Beyond the obvious factors that cause rodents to come inside, such as cooler weather, it's important to understand the reproductive habits of these pests. The gestation period for a rat, for example, is only 21-23 days. When you consider that rats typically have a litter somewhere between 5-10 offspring, it's not difficult to realize why an infestation can explode in a matter of weeks.

The same scenario applies to the life cycle of mice. The gestation period for a house mouse is approximately 20 days and they can easily produce 7-10 offspring in a single litter. What's even scarier is that mice reach sexual maturity in only six weeks. That means your mouse infestation can develop into a severe problem rapidly. 

Our advice at Burgess Pest Management is to be extra vigilant this fall and, most importantly, don't wait if you think you have a rodent problem. Most of our new customers have tried once on their own and failed to control their rodent problem. With the potential for rapid reproduction, time is of the essence.  

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