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Celebrate a Pest-Free 4th of July

Who doesn't love a 4th of July celebration? There's food, drink, fireworks, hopefully sunshine......

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Is It Too Early To Think About Mosquito Control?

Every New Englander knows that winter can bring us just about anything. On any given day, we could...

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What You Should Know About Cockroaches in Massachusetts

Cockroaches have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and they’re not going anywhere...

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Winter Pest Control Tips for Your South Shore Home

Lower temperatures and damp, snowy conditions drive pests to find more comfortable accommodations...

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Pests That Might Crash Your Holiday Festivities

The holidays are without a doubt one of the busiest times of year, for both people and pests. While...

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Things That Go Bump in the Night: Halloween Pest Facts

During Spooky Season, almost everyone enjoys a good story about creepy creatures and gruesome...

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The Ultimate Guide to Rodent Control in Massachusetts

October 15th-21st, 2023 is Rodent Awareness Week. As temperatures cool and fall is officially in...

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How To Get Rid of Stink Bugs in Middleboro

We’ve reached the time of year when we can expect visitors of the six-legged variety to invade our...

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Getting Rid of Fruit Flies in Your South Shore Home

Are fruit flies driving you crazy in your South Shore home? No need for a fly-related freakout -...

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Prevent Mosquito Breeding Grounds in Your Yard

With the recent surge of news headlines concerning mosquito-borne illnesses across the nation, many...

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