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Around this time of year, rodents begin looking for ways to keep warm. One of those places tends to be your home; a welcoming respite from harsh weather and freezing cold. When mice move in for the winter

There's almost no such thing as an "iron-clad" home. Nearly every structure has utility lines coming inside, and there are almost always small openings large enough for mice to squeeze through. Mice only need an opening approximately the circumference of a dime to gain entry, which presents a challenging battle to exclude them entirely.

Common entry points for rodents are worthy of inspection at this time of year because there are some exclusionary measures that may be taken. Garage doors without weather sealing are a common entry point, which can be easily addressed. Gaps near piping and dryer vents may also be sealed with copper mesh. Ideally, relying on professional exclusionary services is more effective that a DIY project. Most professional pest management company's, like Burgess Pest Management, provide warranties on work such as this.

Besides inspecting for entry points and taking corrective action, traditional pest management methods are proven highly effective at reducing and eliminating rodent activity in the winter. A combination of mechanical traps and tamper-resistant bait stations, which are labeled and secured, assist in the reduction of interior rodent activity in Massachusetts. 

Self-treating with rodenticide and mechanical traps presents a safety risk. DIY projects may seem appealing due to the prospect of a quick and inexpensive fix, but the placement of product, the type of bait used, and the frequency of product replacement and monitoring is most effective if left to an experienced, licensed, and reputable Massachusetts pest control company, such as Burgess Pest Management. 

Many professional pest management firms find that the work of a professional often begins after a homeowner attempts corrective action, before failing several times. With respect to rodent control, it's important to consider long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes. The professional recommendation generally includes a plan to remain vigilant with interior inspections during regular intervals. For example, fall and winter interior inspections performed by an expert will increase the likelihood of pest reduction and elimination due to the opportunity to stay proactive, especially if the home has been vulnerable to a rodent infestation in prior winters.

For more information about winter rodent control, including options on scheduling free rodent inspections, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Burgess Pest Management to set up a consultation with one of our qualified experts. 

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