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Why are spiders so active in the fall in Massachusetts?

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears people face. But if the way to get over your fear of spiders is to face it, there's good news. Almost every turn you take this fall, especially at night, will bring you face to face with your fear.  spiders in massachusetts

Spiders, and their webs are so common in the fall in Massachusetts. You've probably been encountering their webs around outdoor lights, fences, trees and shrubs this month. Many spiders are at the point of maturation and are busy casting their webs to consume insects. 

It's a busy time for spiders, as the temperature is still mild enough to support insect life, yet not cold enough to put them into a state of dormancy. This is important for two reasons.

First, spiders are predators that consume protein in the form of smaller insects. So by casting their web in the fall, they're finding easy meals in flies, mosquitoes, and other small flying insects. These outdoor pests are still active, as the nighttime temperature generally stays well above frost levels in the early fall.

Second, spiders will become more dormant in colder weather, as will the smaller insects their feasting on. Now is their chance to fill up while the options are available

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