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Have you hugged your Pest Management Professional lately?

....Okay, you may not want to hug them, but a nice pat on the back will do.

The majority of people cringe at the idea of dealing with pests. Mice rummaging through your kitchen? Pulling ticks off your dog? Centipedes in the basement? Cleaning up the, ahem, evidence of an infestation? No thanks. The good news is, the team at Burgess Pest is here for you.

Pest Control is a Labor of LovePest management is dirty work, but someone has to do it. Imagine a world without people willing to roll up their sleeves and wiggle into a dark crawlspace, sometimes unsure what critters they might encounter. What would life be like without someone ready and able to evict cockroaches from your house? Pests would be running the world, and we can’t have that.

Our technicians have seen some of the worst bed bug infestations out there. They’ve ventured into sanitation nightmares, braved unparalleled rat problems, saved houses from being decimated by termites. And they don't stop there-- when they’re not in the field, they’re continuing their pest education. Our office staff has consoled panicked homeowners from all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Nantucket, and sent our tenacious techs to their rescue. Just when we think we’ve seen and heard it all, a new challenge arises—but we never think twice about diving in to solve the problem.

Pest management goes beyond keeping a home safe from pests; it’s also about the health and comfort of those who live there. Sure, sometimes it’s unpleasant and complicated, but we do it so you don’t have to, and we do it wholeheartedly. It’s a true labor of love.

This Valentine's Day, we hope nothing bites but the love bug. If pests do happen to crash your romantic dinner, call Burgess Pest. We'll make sure the only things fluttering are the butterflies in your stomach.

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