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Pest Control is a Labor of Love

Have you hugged your Pest Management Professional lately?

....Okay, you may not want to hug...

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How Do Cockroaches Survive Winter?

Cockroaches may not be as indestructible as we thought-- during cold winter months, they must...

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Waiting Out Winter - Seasonal Pests in Rhode Island

We aren't the only ones avoiding the harsh elements of winter in Rhode Island - seasonal pests...

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Where Are They Now? Pests During Winter

A who’s-who of common Massachusetts pests and what they’re up to in winter.

It’s that time of...

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When Spiders Move In

Learn about the most common spiders that make your Massachusetts home their home.

What comes to...

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I Don't Have to Worry About Termites Until Spring... Right?

It may not be swarm season, but termites can still be a problem in Massachusetts.

We all know...

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Someone Please Tell the Ants It's Winter!

Winter in Massachusetts doesn't always mean the ants are gone.

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When Winter Stinks - Stink Bugs in Your House

Last winter I took a call from a customer who was baffled by what she had discovered in her...

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How to get rid of mice in the winter

There's not much to love about rodents in New England. They serve a limited environmental...

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