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During New England winters, preparation is the name of the game: We should be ready for pretty much anything, from several feet of snow to a 50-degree day or whipping winds and rain, often all within the same week. While bracing ourselves for the unpredictability of the season, though, we often forget that spring will bring its own challenges, and this is the time to get ahead of them.

Mosquito control is typically not topping our winter to-do list; however, the fact remains that mosquito activity in our region is becoming nearly a year-round problem, and while it may sound odd to take preventative measures in winter, it’s never too soon. Here are some tips for getting a head start on Massachusetts mosquito control this season:

Mosquito Control MassachusettsRemove Water Sources. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they need very little of it to be successful. Buckets, storage bins, watering cans, bird baths, and even tarps or tire swings can provide enough water for a female mosquito to lay her hundreds of eggs - Either remove these items around your yard or make sure to empty them regularly. Inspect outdoor plumbing for leaks to prevent pooling and keep gutters clear of leaf litter or debris.

Winter Wonderland(scaping). Trim overgrown grass or dense vegetation to reduce harborage areas, and prune bushes and trees to let natural light in – mosquitoes prefer the dark and damp. Fill in low-lying areas where water might collect during snow melt or rain.

Deny Entry. It's a good time to inspect all windows, doors, and screens to make sure everything is intact and securely sealed to keep mosquitoes from sneaking inside when the weather warms. Bonus: this will also help to prevent rodents and overwintering insects gaining access during the winter months.

One last tip: Call Burgess Pest Management! Consistent mosquito control through the warm months is key to eliminating adult mosquito populations, which means fewer overwintering immature mosquitoes – and a lot less to worry about when it comes time to enjoy your outdoor space again. Treatments start as soon as the weather breaks, so request a free estimate today to get on the schedule for spring!

If you already have a Pad Protection Plan, upgrading is easy - just let us know you'd like to add mosquito and tick control.

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