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While it's true that the warmer months are prime time for pests, rodents and insects are still very much present in the winter. Lower temperatures and damp, snowy conditions drive pests to find better accommodations in which to wait for spring - and what better place than our warm, cozy homes? Here are some easy DIY tips for keeping your Massachusetts home pest-free this season.


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Winter Pest Control DIY Tips Rodent and Pest Control

  • Make sure doors and windows close securely, and all screens are secure and intact
  • Rodents don't need much space to squeeze inside - Seal small cracks and crevices around your foundation and openings around utility lines to keep mice and rats outside where they belong
  • Clear gutters of debris and keep tree branches cut back from your house
  • Store food in sealed containers, keep trash covered, and take trash out regularly - Pests aren't picky about their food sources!
  • Eliminate water sources such as leaky plumbing and standing water
  • Regularly wipe down contact surfaces and vacuum or sweep floors; keep cabinets and pantries clear of food debris; reduce clutter such as boxes and storage items to keep pests from hiding amongst them

If you have a Pad Protection Plan with Burgess Pest, remember to schedule your winter service so our team can ensure pests aren't turning your home into a winter AirBnB. Don't have a Pad Protection Plan? It's time to schedule a free estimate!

For more information and tips for a pest-free home, download our free 2022 Winter Pest Guidebook here!

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