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Roaches have been around for millions of years and are still going strong. It's been said that they will long outlast humankind; but that doesn't mean survival has been easy on them. Making it through winter requires some strategic moves, especially in harsh New England weather. 

How Roaches Survive Winter in Newton, MACockroaches don’t hibernate or migrate and cannot survive freezing temperatures. They must find warm shelter to outlast the winter. Unfortunately, sometimes your cozy home is a highly attractive option. So what are the hotspots for roaches during winter in Newton, Massachusetts?


Wood piles. Lumber piles or stacked firewood can provide enough warmth to survive the cold months.

Decaying trees. Dead trees and rotting stumps offer shelter from winter elements.

Leaf piles. Leaf litter and other yard waste insulates roaches from inclement weather conditions.


Walls and rafters. Roaches will cozy up in drywall or insulation if there is access.

Chimneys. Structurally deficient or ungrated chimneys provide survival opportunities for roaches and other flying pests.

Kitchens. With many dark nooks and crannies and plentiful food opportunities, some species of roaches are perfectly happy to make your kitchen their home- particularly in cabinets and pantries.

Appliances. Toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, even game consoles, offer two of a roach's favorite things: warmth and darkness. 

Basements. Roaches tend to gravitate to damp, dark areas. Basements are often the most humid area of our homes, and provide plenty of dark hiding spaces.

Drains and pipes. Like most living things, roaches need water to survive. Drains and pipes provide water sources and can often lead them to warmer areas deeper inside your home.

Worried that roaches may turn your home into their winter getaway? Call Burgess Pest Management for a free inspection and estimate. Our experts will conduct a thorough investigation of common roach retreats and help you hang up the No Vacancy sign.

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