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Are you confused by the weather lately? You're not alone; the rapidfire switch from warm to chilly and back to feeling like spring has overwintering insects bugging out (pun intended). On warm days, these insects prefer to be outside, but when the temperature drops, they know winter is coming (eventually) and they need to find shelter from the elements until spring rolls around.

Common overwintering insects in Massachusetts are stink bugs, boxelder bugs, and Asian lady beetles. Generally, these little guys don't do much inside your home except hunker down and wait for better weather - but that doesn't mean you want them there.

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Overwintering Insects Massachusetts Infographic

You will usually see these insects when temperatures drop and they are looking for warm shelter, and again when the weather improves and they are trying to get back outside. The best line of defense if you prefer not to snuggle up with overwintering insects is to simply deny access:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around your foundation and openings around pipes and utility lines
  • Repair or replace torn or otherwise damaged screens
  • Make sure windows and doors close securely
  • Install door sweeps

Even simpler? Call the professionals! Burgess Pest's Next Level Care initiative combines our Home Sealer & Sanitizer Service with the power of TAP® insulation for improved energy efficiency, sound reduction, and pest control. Take the first step toward a more peaceful, pest-free home today with a free estimate!


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