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We've seen a significant change in the weather lately - temperatures are dropping, and we've had several days of rain. These conditions are not ideal for rodents in Massachusetts, who prefer to be in warm, safe quarters. What's the perfect alternative to the cool, damp outdoors? You guessed it - our homes.

Rodents in Massachusetts South ShoreMice and rats are pretty easy creatures to please: They like to stay warm, cozy, and close to a food source. That’s why you’ll frequently find them in kitchens (often behind or under appliances) and in utility rooms or near hot water pipes.

Rodents burrow or nest in the ground to stay safe from predators and harsh weather, sometimes using burrows to access the interior of structures. It is not uncommon to find burrows near your home, where  warm air currents from small cracks and crevices will lure rodents indoors. When heavy rain threatens to flood their burrows, there's only one option: Find another safe haven.

Once rodents access the interior of your home, through openings as small as a dime or quarter, they find everything they need to comfortably wait out the colder months. If they have shelter, heat, and food, there's simply no reason for them to venture outside while the weather is less than desirable. To make matters worse, rodents are infamous breeders - if a couple of mice are cozy in your home, they can quickly establish a full-blown infestation that is difficult to eliminate.

A rodent infestation can spread disease, cause structural damage, and compromise air quality. Professional intervention is needed to safely and effectively eliminate the problem, followed by regular maintenance services to prevent reinfestation. The Burgess Pest team has everything we need to keep you rodent-free all year long, with Pad Protection Plans and Home Sealer & Sanitizer + Insulation Cleanout services - we're here for you, whatever the weather.

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