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October 16th-22nd, 2022 is Rodent Awareness Week. Here are some facts every homeowner should know about mice and rats in Massachusetts.

As the weather cools, rodents begin to move indoors to seek shelter for the winter months. While millions of homeowners experience a mouse or rat problem each year, many don't know much more about these pests than "I don't want them in my house". Check out the infographic below to learn some important facts about rodents.

[Click to enlarge]Rodent Facts Every Homeowner Should Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. They don't need much space in order to squeeze into your home. Mice and rats need an opening just the size of a dime or quarter to get inside - make sure to seal entry points around your foundation, and openings around pipes or utility lines.
  2. Rodent teeth are constantly growing, which is why they are always chewing - and they will chew on anything from furniture and door frames to pipes and electrical wires. This habit can cause damage to your home and present safety hazards.
  3. Rodents love insulation. It's easy to pull apart and to chew, and its soft warmth makes it the perfect nesting material. Insulation contaminated by rodent waste can spread disease and compromise the air quality in your home.
  4. Diseases known to be spread by rodents include hantavirus, salmonella, rat bite fever, plague, Lyme disease, and dozens of others. Rodent-borne diseases are most commonly spread to humans by contact with feces, urine, or saliva; consuming food contaminated with rodent waste; rodent bites or scratches; or inhaling pathogens from contaminated air.
  5. They are notorious for their reproduction rates. One female rodent can give birth to multiple babies per litter, and several litters per year. It doesn't take a mathematician to know that means a rodent infestation can quickly take over a home.

Another important thing to know: You should always call a professional if you notice signs of a rodent issue. Trying to eliminate them yourself puts you at risk of disease and can be ineffective, allowing the infestation to worsen. Call the team at Burgess Pest - the first step to a rodent-free home is a free estimate with one of our experts.

Want more tips? Download your free copy of our Fall 2022 Pest Guidebook here!

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