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Rodents are resourceful creatures, highly skilled at finding food pretty much anywhere, making their way into warm shelter by any means possible, and building their nests out of any materials at their disposal. One might even say they’re successful “do-it-yourselfers” – if you want to give them that much credit. But while mice and rats can DIY their projects, rodent control in your Massachusetts home isn’t something you should take on by yourself.

A simple Internet search will bring up thousands of DIY methods and home remedies for getting rid of rodents or keeping them at bay, but these critters are much craftier than any Pinterest board. Here are a few reasons to call the experts when it comes to rodent control:

Professional Rodent Control Massachusetts Rhode IslandCost. This is often the very factor that drives homeowners to seek DIY solutions- For many of us, unexpected expenses are stressful, and the idea of calling a professional has us seeing dollar signs flying from our pockets. Before you make a mad dash to your local hardware store, though, remember that rodents are smart and extremely persistent. Some over-the-counter rodent control methods may seem successful in the beginning, but they can fail at any time for just about any reason. Before you know it, you’re back at square one, paying for yet another device or bait. Long story short, over-the-counter products can ultimately cost more than professional treatment.

Health and Safety. If easing the financial burden isn’t enough reason to call in the pros, there are also serious health risks involved in self-treating a rodent problem. Mice and rats carry pathogens that can be spread to humans through their droppings and bodily fluids. Improper handling of dead rodents, contact with rodent waste, and the results of long-term infestation due to unsuccessful treatment can put you, and others in your home, at risk of disease.

Guess Work. Thanks to infamously rapid reproduction rates, a rodent infestation is often much worse than it appears. A single sighting, a small nest found in a drawer, a few droppings here and there are almost always the tip of the iceberg. Without knowing the extent of the infestation, there is little chance of successfully eliminating rodents with DIY methods. While you are hard at work setting traps in your basement, several generations of rodents could be cozying up in your attic insulation. Your best bet is to have a trained professional perform a full inspection.

Prevention is Key. Even if your over-the-counter efforts are successful (or at least, they seem to be), there’s much more to be done in the way of prevention. Getting rodents out of your home is step one, but if you haven’t addressed the root of the problem, such as small entry points in your foundation or around utility lines, mice and rats will simply let themselves back in. A seasoned pest management professional will be able to determine how they got in, the best way to get them out, and what measures are needed to keep them out.

Rodents are one of the most frustrating household pests to eliminate, so don’t waste your time, effort, or money on do-it-yourself solutions from the internet. The rodent control experts at Burgess Pest will perform a thorough inspection of your home, determine the best course of action, and provide a plan for guaranteed control – and best of all, there’s no need to worry about your wallet, because an estimate is always free.

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