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Rodents can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. They sneak inside through impossibly small openings, reproduce like crazy, damage property, and spread disease - often undetected until it's too late, and DIY methods are no match for a full-blown mouse or rat infestation. Learn how to recognize the first signs of a rodent problem so you don't get caught unaware this season.

Mice and rats may be sneaky, but if you know what to look for, it is possible to catch an infestation early on. Watch for these six common signs of rodents in your Massachusetts home:

  • Signs of a Rodent Problem in MassachusettsNoises. You may hear scratching, chewing, scurrying, or thumping in attics or ceilings, or inside walls. These sounds may become especially loud at night.
  • Gnaw marks. Rodent teeth never stop growing, so mice and rats never stop chewing. Chew marks on anything from baseboards and door frames to food packaging, furniture, electrical wires, and plumbing are a strong indication of a problem.
  • Tracks/rubbing.  Greasy-looking marks or footprints can clue you in to areas that mice or rats are frequenting. The oils in rodent fur transfer to surfaces the animal comes in contact with, leaving streaky spots behind.
  • Nests. Nests are made of various scavenged materials such as paper, fabric, string, and insulation. Rodents prefer hidden areas like drawers, wall voids, underneath appliances, and forgotten corners of garages or attics.
  • Droppings. One of the most noticeable signs of a rodent infestation, and a problematic one. Contact with rodent droppings or items contaminated with rodent waste is one of the main ways diseases are spread. Always use protective gear if cleaning up rodent droppings.
  • Live sighting. If you see a mouse scamper across the floor, chances are there are more where that one came from and it's time to call the experts!

While it's important to recognize the signs of a rodent problem right away, it's even more important to have a professional on your side. Call the Burgess Pest team to keep mice and rats away for good, with Pad Protection Plans and Home Sealer and Sanitizer + Insulation Cleanout. A rodent-free home is just one free estimate away!

For more tips and information, download your free copy of our 2022 Fall Pest Guidebook here.

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