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Did you hear about the bed bugs that fell in love? They got married in the spring!

Okay, that was bad. Sorry. But really, sometimes I wonder if pests celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way. Is that weird? Probably.  Regardless, here are some interesting (and somewhat gross) facts about love in the pest world to liven up your holiday.

  • best Massachusetts pest controlWhen termites find a mate, they break off their wings, indicating that they are a pair. It's their version of "Facebook official".

  • The only role of male fire ants within their colony is to mate with the queen – talk about being a hot commodity!

  • Male earwigs use their pincers to attach themselves to their female mate (so they’re just a little clingy).

  • Male moths can smell a potential mate from about seven miles away – although the current record is 23 miles!

  • Mosquitoes adjust their buzzing frequencies to attract a suitable mate. That's a different kind of serenade.

  • During springtail courtship, females play hard-to-get: they will pretend to run away and the male gives chase.

  • best Massachusetts winter pest controlCertain male flies perform a dance around a female to attract her attention. Let's hope they've actually got moves.

  • Some insects lure mates with gifts of food - because even bugs know that the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

  • Female black widows and praying mantises are infamous for consuming their partner after mating - an unpleasant end for him, a nutritious (possibly candelit?) dinner for her.

  • Something called a kissing bug might sound cute, but they are decidedly not something you want to cuddle up with. Kissing bugs get their name from their tendency to bite sleeping humans on the face and mouth to get a blood meal - necessary for successful breeding.

The good news is, however pests may honor Valentine’s Day, the experts at Burgess Pest Management are here to keep their celebration away from your home. Whether you've made grand plans for a fancy dinner, or have a date with your couch and your TV, we hope your Valentine's Day is a pest-free one.

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