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Are fruit flies driving you crazy in your South Shore home? No need for a fly-related freakout - we've got you covered with some "shoo fly, don't bother me" tips.

While fruit flies are a year-round problem, these pests can be especially persistent in summer and fall. An infestation often seems to come out of nowhere, and thanks to rapid breeding and development, can get out of hand quickly. So what can be done?

Get Rid of Fruit Flies South Shore MassachusettsFirst, it's important to identify the type of fly you're dealing with. Not all small flies are created equal; unfortunately, that means tactics intended to control fruit flies won't be as effective against phorid flies, for example. Accurate identification is the first crucial step in determining the proper approach (and hopefully saving your sanity).

Kitchens are a fruit fly heaven, and this is often where you can find the culprit of the infestation. Look around for any overripe fruits or vegetables, open containers of sweet drinks, food scraps in the sink, or accessible trash and recycling. If you find an obvious source, remove it right away. This is also a good time to pick through your produce and get rid of anything spoiled, and to clean up spills or other residue.

Reduce moisture and keep surfaces clean of food debris. Fill crevices around your kitchen (or even your bathroom) where water collects, wipe down contact surfaces often, and keep your sink clean - even a single plate with a speck of jam is a neon sign for a fruit fly.

Drain cleaning for fruit flies MassachusettsClean your drain. Fruit flies have a super-powered sense of smell, and they aren’t above traveling below for a tasty snack or a breeding ground - any organic material caught in the drain is fair game. While there are plenty of DIY methods for cleaning drains, sometimes they are just not enough and more conventional treatments are necessary.

To prevent future infestations, store produce in sealed containers or in the refrigerator; any fruits or vegetables left out should be washed and covered. Keep your kitchen clean and organized and your drains clear. and take trash out regularly. Although there's no guarantee you'll never see a fruit fly again, these precautions can significantly reduce the conditions that draw these hovering hooligans to your home.

If you've tried everything and fruit flies are still making your kitchen their condo, never fear - the Burgess Pest team is here. We may not have wings, but we'll fly right over and help you take back your space, starting with a free estimate.

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