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Could your Christmas tree be inviting insects into your Massachusetts home?

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit quite like a fresh Christmas tree. The smell, the contrast of green against a snowy background, the excitement of decorating, the promise of time spent with family and friends, the thousands of insects... Wait...

It's unfortunate, but true. Experts say that there could be as many as 25,000 insects on one Christmas tree. Don't panic-- the majority of these tree trespassers are harmless, but that doesn't mean they are welcome to partake of your festivities.

The infographic below tells you who the likely suspects are, and how to prevent them from making themselves at home for the holidays. For more about wintertime pests, download a copy of our free 2020 Winter Pest Guidebook here.

Critters in Christmas Trees

Don't let holiday hitchhikers dampen your spirits! Should you find yourself hosting some unwelcome guests, your friends at Burgess Pest are here to Protect Your Pad. Worried about your wallet this time of year? An estimate from our experts is always free.

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