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Ants are some of the most frustrating household pests in Weymouth, MA.

Here in New England, we've come to accept ants as an inevitable problem in spring and summer. Ants are constantly on the move, and they're not shy about inviting themselves into your home in search of food, water, and shelter. Once they've established themselves inside, ants can be challenging to get rid of - so it's important to know how to keep them from getting in in the first place. Here's how ants find their way into your Weymouth home.


How Ants Get Inside in Weymouth MA

If ants are getting too comfortable in your home, call the team at Burgess Pest. They've got what it takes to kick ants to the curb - and keep them out. With Pad Protection Plans starting at just $39, you can rest assured that Burgess has your back all year long.

For even more information about common summertime pests, download a copy of our FREE summer pest guide here!

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