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You may think March is too early to start worrying about ticks in Massachusetts, but year-round vigilance is critical – in fact, we’ve already started receiving calls about ticks found on local pets. A wet winter has not gone unappreciated by tick populations, who are stretching their legs and getting on the move to look for food.

Ticks in MassachusettsTicks of different species and life cycle stages use a variety of tactics to survive winter. Some take up residence underground or in leaf litter and yard debris; others latch on to a host for the long haul. Some may die off if they are unable to find suitable shelter, but for the most part, ticks are a year-round threat in New England.

Tick bites can spread diseases such as Lyme disease, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis, among others. Avoid brush, tall grass, and leaf litter. Use an EPA-approved repellent when spending time outdoors and be sure to check yourself, children, and pets for ticks frequently. Remove any ticks immediately and either dispose of them or keep them in a sealed container for identification. Contact your doctor if you experience symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headache, body aches, or rash.

The Burgess Pest team is here to stop ticks from bugging you in your yard with the best Massachusetts tick control. There are two easy ways to get started: Enroll in a standalone program, starting at just $49/month; or our most popular plan, P10+MT, protects your home from the top ten household pests plus ticks and mosquitoes, starting at $69/month. If you already have a Pad Protection Plan with us, adding tick and mosquito control is as easy as telling us you’re interested!

We’d also like to offer these free resources:

Tick and Mosquito Season Survival Guide

2022 Spring Pest Guidebook

Our tick and mosquito team is rolling out soon, so there’s no time to waste. For more information about enrolling in a program or upgrading your current plan, you may call our office or click the button below:

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