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How to Find the Best South Shore Tick Control

If you're looking for the best tick control for your South Shore home, it's important to realize...

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Ticks in Massachusetts Don't Discriminate

Story time: Like many kids, my son's favorite thing to do is play outside after school, especially...

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Tick-Borne Diseases in Massachusetts: What You Should Know

Ticks may be small, but their bite can pack a big punch; in fact, Powassan virus, one of the many...

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Summer Pest Control on Cape Cod: FREE Guidebook!

There's nothing quite like summer on Cape Cod: beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, salty air,...

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Massachusetts Ticks 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you've spent any amount of time outdoors in New England. you're probably familiar with ticks....

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How To Safely Remove A Tick [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ticks can spread diseases such as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis, among others. Bite...

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It's Tick Awareness Week - Are You Prepared for Tick Season?

The week of May 7th, 2023 is Tick Awareness Week - the perfect time to learn about ticks in...

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Longer Tick Season Means Higher Risk of Tick-Borne Disease

As winters become milder in the northeast, what we formerly knew as “tick season” becomes a nearly...

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When Temperatures Jump Up, So Do the Pests

We're seeing a sudden climb in temperatures this week, followed by some rain - and when...

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Pest Predictions for Spring in Massachusetts (& Free Pest Guidebook!)

With winter behind us and spring officially underway, we're all a little antsy (pun intended) to...

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