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We're not the only ones trying to keep warm - Winter pests in Massachusetts are looking for toasty hiding places too.

When you think of pest control, most people automatically think of spring and summer. That’s understandable—these seasons bring out the worst in the pest world. Between ants, termites, bees, flies, ticks and mosquitoes, it’s sometimes hard to know if it’s worth leaving your house to enjoy the weather. But nature doesn’t stop because it’s cold outside: Winter brings about its own onslaught of pest problems, and unique challenges in controlling them. While you’re waiting longingly for warmer months, here are some tips for winter pest control in Massachusetts.

Tips for Winter Pest Control

  1. Store food in sealed containers. This applies to both spring and winter pests. Open food is an open invitation to rodents, overwintering insects, and ants that may have nested inside your home when the weather began to sour.
  2. Keep trash covered. This goes for indoor trash as well as outdoors. Unsecured trash bins supply a food source for pests and wildlife and offer ideal breeding grounds for insects. Make sure your indoor trash bin closes completely to avoid fruit fly infestations.
  3. Clean frequently. A clean, organized home is generally less likely to experience pest issues year-round. Vacuum regularly and keep surfaces free of food and drink residue. Storage spaces like attics, basements, and sheds can be ideal nesting grounds for rodents. Make sure your storage areas are organized (or as organized as possible!).
  4. Seal entry points. Simple fixes like ensuring window screens and doors close firmly or sealing small holes and cracks around foundations can often be done on your own, but sometimes DIY just doesn’t cut it. If you find you are still experiencing pest activity, it might be time to consider bringing in the experts to inspect and give an estimate for professional home exclusion.
  5. Store firewood at a safe distance. Generally, we recommend storing firewood at least 20 feet from your home. The dark, damp spaces provide ideal nesting for rodents, and you don’t want them confusing your cozy house for another domestic opportunity!
  6. Eliminate moisture. Any water source is alluring for pests. Ensure your home is free of plumbing leaks. Standing water such as bird baths, dishes in the sink, even water left in the bottom of the bathtub is fair game too – pests aren’t picky.


If you’re fighting an uphill battle against winter pests, you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to Burgess today for a free estimate-- We can help Protect Your Pad all year long, snow doubt about it.

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