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The 2021 tick season in the northeast could be one of the worst we've had.

Thanks to a mild winter, ticks have been active in our region almost year-round - and thanks to higher precipitation, tick populations are increasing. This year, it's more important than ever to protect yourself from tick bites. Here's how to check yourself and others for ticks when enjoying the outdoors in Marshfield, MA.

Where to Check for Ticks Marshfield MA

Burgess Pest's Marshfield tick and mosquito control starts at just $49 per month, with discounts offered for prepaying. Don't wait until your property is crawling with ticks - call for a free estimate today. We're here to help you bite back at tick season.

While you're at it, download a copy of our free Spring 2021 Pest Guide for more tips and useful information.

Let's Talk Tick Control

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