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Where Are They Now? Pests During Winter

A who’s-who of common Massachusetts pests and what they’re up to in winter.

It’s that time of...

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I Don't Have to Worry About Termites Until Spring... Right?

It may not be swarm season, but termites can still be a problem in Massachusetts.

We all know...

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Termite swarms in Massachusetts

FAQ's on termite swarms in Massachusetts

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions...

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Do I have carpenter ants or termites in my Massachusetts home?

Simple question, right? Here's the scenario we hear about constantly. You see something flying...

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Massachusetts Termite Exterminator Burgess Pest Management Talks about Termite Swarms in Eastern Massachusetts

In the past few weeks, the offices here at Burgess Pest Management have received an increase in...

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Massachusetts termite swarm season

Massachusetts termite swarm

Despite the fact that it's still winter, termites may have an early...

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Why do it yourself pest control doesn't work in Massachusetts

Springtime brings warmer weather and blooming plants. But it also brings the bugs. 

If you'd had...

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Massachusetts termite swarm

The timing of termite swarms varies by region, but it's generally safe to assume that ...

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Termite Swarms in Massachusetts

Termites in Eastern Massachusetts - prepare for Termite Swarms - here's how to identify Termite...

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