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With winter behind us and spring officially underway, we're all a little antsy (pun intended) to get outside to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine, and we're not alone. Pests are also eager to stretch their legs and get back to business as usual, looking for food and mates - a mission that sometimes lands them in direct contact with us.

In Massachusetts, we experience a variety of pests during every season, but spring brings some of the most annoying (and sometimes dangerous) creatures we see all year. Read on to learn what you might expect this season, and while you're at it, get some tips for avoiding these pests with our free Spring 2023 Pest Guidebook!

best Massachusetts tick controlTicks: A mild winter means ticks haven't taken much of a break, and they're certainly ready for action as the weather continues to improve. Because ticks can spread a number of diseases to humans, it's important to know (1) how to prevent tick bites, (2) how to safely remove a tick if you are bitten, and (3) symptoms of tick-borne diseases.

best Massachusetts mosquito controlMosquitoes: Warm, wet weather creates prime conditions for mosquitoes to breed. They only need about a thimble full of water in which to lay their eggs; prevent breeding grounds by removing standing water around your property. Learn how to prevent mosquito bites to help protect yourself from EEE, West Nile Virus, and other mosquito-borne diseases.

best Massachusetts termite controlTermites: Sunny, warm days after a period of rain trigger termite swarms. A swarm may be the only way to know you have a termite problem, so this is the time to learn what signs to watch for in and around your home.

Massachusetts ant controlAnts: Ants are so active this time of year because plants are blooming, which is a source of the carbohydrates and protein ants require to survive and thrive. In the wild, they will also get these nutrients from fruits and other insects - but if foraging ants have wandered into your home, they will help themselves to pretty much whatever is on the menu. Storing food in airtight containers, cleaning contact surfaces, and sealing openings around foundation, doors, and windows are good ways to let ants know they're not welcome dinner guests.

Whatever might be bugging you this season, our expert team is here to help. Schedule a free estimate today and find out why Burgess Pest is the best pest control in Massachusetts!

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