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When Temperatures Jump Up, So Do the Pests

We're seeing a sudden climb in temperatures this week, followed by some rain - and when...

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Pest Predictions for Spring in Massachusetts (& Free Pest Guidebook!)

With winter behind us and spring officially underway, we're all a little antsy (pun intended) to...

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Signs of Termites in Your Massachusetts Home

Termites in Massachusetts typically swarm once per year, often on a warm spring day after a...

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The Weather Is Warming & Termites Are Swarming

Termites typically swarm in warm temperatures after a period of rain – conditions we are currently...

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Wet Weather and Pest Activity

The struggle is real on a rainy day. It’s hard to roll out of bed, to trudge through the puddles,...

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Spring 2022 Pest Predictions (& Free Resources)

Finally, the first days of spring seem like a reality! We can feel it in the air and see it in...

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Termite Fun Facts

There’s a good chance you have at least a basic knowledge of termites. They eat wood and can damage...

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Termites or Flying Ants? Know the Difference

In pest control, one of the sure signs of spring is the "I think it's ants, but I'm afraid it might...

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Termite Awareness Week 2022

Spring is steadily approaching, which means termite swarm season is too. To help spread awareness...

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