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Finally, the first days of spring seem like a reality! We can feel it in the air and see it in longer daylight hours; the snow has (almost) melted, and it’s time to get outside – but we’re not alone. Pests are also eager to stretch their legs and get back to business as usual, seeking mates and searching for food. While you’re preparing to enjoy this long-awaited season, it’s wise to prepare for close encounters with pests – Here are some predictions for Spring 2022.


In the wake of a damp winter, ticks are already in motion. Protect yourself from tick-borne diseases by wearing long sleeves and pants and performing body checks after spending time outdoors. Consult your vet for the best protection for your pets.



Snow melt and increasing temperatures create ideal conditions for mosquitoes. These tiny terrors aren’t just a nuisance; they spread diseases like West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis, among others. Remove standing water from your property, wear protective clothing, and use EPA-approved repellents to prevent mosquito bites.



These common, yet unwelcome, household pests kick into high gear when the weather warms and the plants begin to bloom. Remove food and water sources around your home and seal any openings to prevent an ant invasion.



Relatively mild and damp winters mean termites don’t have to retreat too far underground to survive; in fact, a layer of snow can offer protection from the elements. As spring approaches, termites emerge to find food, to mate, and to start new colonies. Be mindful of signs of activity in and around your home and contact a professional if you suspect a problem.


The Burgess Pest team is here to help you put a stop to whatever might be bugging you this spring: Download your free copy of our 2022 Spring Pest Guidebook here, and our Mosquito & Tick Season Survival Guide here. If all that information isn’t enough, remember that an estimate, like our guidebooks, is always free.


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