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There are plenty of myths about bed bugs-- we're here to expose the truth.

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Gee, thanks, but now that you’ve mentioned bed bugs I don’t think I’m sleeping much at all. There’s some debate over the origin of that phrase, and plenty of myths about bed bugs, but there’s no disputing that they are totally unwelcome guests. We’ve posted before about how to avoid bringing bed bugs home, how to inspect, and what not to try at home, so let’s take a moment to clear up some common myths about bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Debunked

They’re too small to see. While young bed bugs (nymphs) are rather small and a light tan or whitish color, adult bed bugs are quite easy to spot. Adults are larger than an average tick, so if you’ve ever spotted a tick on your clothing or body, you’ll be able to see a bed bug if you’re looking.

They prefer unsanitary conditions. This one isn’t entirely untrue. Bed bugs can thrive in cluttered or unclean conditions, but they don’t seek them out. If there’s blood to feed on, bed bugs will be perfectly happy to live in the cleanest house or 5-star hotel room.

They’re only found in beds. The name gives them away. Bed bugs are nocturnal and like to be close to their host—therefore, a bed is the ideal place to hide, with plenty of small crevices to nestle into. But a bed isn’t the only place to find bed bugs. While they typically prefer to stay close to where people sleep, bed bugs can be found behind headboards, peeling wallpaper, hanging picture frames or décor, or inside other pieces of furniture. Moreover, if competition for food gets to be too much, bed bugs are entirely capable of picking up and wandering off to infest new rooms or even neighboring apartments.

Vacuuming can eliminate bed bugs. Vacuuming is recommended for many different pest infestations, and keeping a clean home certainly won't hurt, but vacuuming isn’t going to rid you of a bed bug problem. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers and just as skilled at hide-and-seek. They’ll settle into the tightest spaces they can find, making it difficult to reach them with just vacuum attachments. Even if you think you’ve gotten them all, there could be more in hiding, eggs that were overlooked, or as mentioned above, a group of bed bugs that have set up shop in another room or piece of furniture.

This is why it’s so important to seek professional help with a bed bug infestation. Thorough inspection, careful monitoring, and the best treatment method for your particular situation are the only surefire ways to eliminate the problem. If you think bed bugs have hitched their way into your home, call Burgess Pest so we can help you sleep tight, without the threat of a bed bug bite.

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