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Stop Bed Bugs as Vacation Season Starts

Bed bugs are a year-round threat: We can pick them up just about anywhere, even on public...

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Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home for the Holidays!

The holiday season is a time for gathering; whether you’re traveling or hosting the festivities,...

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The Worst Vacation Souvenir: Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling

Whether traveling out of state or staying local, here’s how to avoid bringing bed bugs to your...

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Things That Go Bump in the Night - Scary Pest Facts

Furry fiends, scary scurriers, and creepy crawlers-- In honor of Spooky Season, we've compiled some...

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Hide & Seek with Bed Bugs

Hide & seek was a fun game as a kid, but you definitely don't want to play with bed bugs.


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Tick or Bed Bug?

It can be difficult to tell the difference. Here's how to tell a tick from a bed bug in...

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Bed Bugs Debunked

There are plenty of myths about bed bugs-- we're here to expose the truth.

“Good night, sleep...

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It's Vacation Season - Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home!

There are several times during the year that Massachusetts residents make plans to travel, whether...

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Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers

Check for bed bugs!

If you've done any traveling this summer, you've probably had the thought cross...

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Bed bugs in Massachusetts

Bed bugs in Massachusetts

This week I came across an interesting article about a bed bug encounter...

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