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Bed bugs are a year-round threat: We can pick them up just about anywhere, even on public transportation or in movie theaters. Knowing this, it can be strange to think of bed bugs as having a “season” like many other pests – but bed bug cases typically do peak around late spring and through the summer, coinciding with times that people are traveling more frequently.

Bed Bugs Massachusetts Rhode IslandBecause bed bugs do not jump or fly, they are skilled hitchhikers, moving place to place on clothing or inside luggage. This method of transportation is especially successful when people are on the go – and when they don’t know how to avoid bringing home these unwanted, bloodsucking souvenirs. Here’s how to stop a bed bug infestation in your home before it starts.

Inspect your accommodations. When you arrive at your hotel or rental, do not put your bags on the floor or bed. Use the luggage rack, put them in the bathtub, or leave them in the car until you’ve done a bed bug inspection.

To check for bed bugs, lift the bedding and check the mattress seams. Look in the dark, undisturbed areas such as the bed frame and around headboard or footboard. You may also find activity on curtains, in closets, on furniture, and inside drawers. Signs of bed bugs include small black dots (bed bug waste), staining or spotting, or the obvious live insect. If you find evidence of activity, report it immediately.

When you return home, inspect your luggage for any bed bugs hitching a ride and wash your clothing and bedding. Monitor your body for red spots or welts that could be bug bites; the bites may itch, but that is not the case for everyone.

If you suspect that, despite your best efforts, you’ve brought bed bugs home, call a professional right away. Because bed bugs reproduce very quickly, it is critical to identify them and start treatment as soon as possible. The Burgess Pest team has the expertise and the latest technology to find bed bugs before they find you – and send them packing for good.

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