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Hide & seek was a fun game as a kid, but you definitely don't want to play with bed bugs.

They’re called bed bugs, therefore they’ll only be found in beds, right? We hate to be the bearers of bad news (and it seems we so often are), but bed bugs can turn up where you’d least expect.Hide & Seek with Bed Bugs

It’s true that the most likely place to find bed bugs is in and around the bed area or inside furniture, but if an infestation is large enough, bed bugs are capable of wandering off in search of additional food sources. They’re also  Because they are so small, they can wind up in some surprising places.

Electrical outlet covers. Shocking, right? Bed bugs are tiny and flat enough to slip behind outlet covers, especially those close to a bed. Dark, warm, and secure, this space is perfect to a bed bug.

Purses, suitcases, and backpacks. Because bed bugs cannot fly, they must resort to hitchhiking. What better way than inside a cozy bag? Plenty of seams and pockets provide protection, and we often don’t think twice before placing these items on the ground or furniture.

Books. Many people keep bookcases or a small selection of books in the bedroom. This makes the dark, tight quarters between the pages or inside the spines of books a potential target for bed bugs.

Picture frames and wall hangings. Similar to electrical outlets, wall hangings provide dark cracks and crevices ideal for hiding, and often aren’t far from the bed area.

Public transportation, movie theaters, airports and airplanes. Bed bugs can be found in upholstery of buses and taxis, movie theater seats, airport and airplane seats, even in carpets and vents of airplanes. Now that’s some high-tech hitchhiking for a bed bug.


This is just a short list of unexpected hiding spots for bed bugs—there are many not mentioned here. That’s why it’s best to get professional help if you suspect you have a problem. Call Burgess Pest—our experts can “olly olly oxen free” bed bugs from any hiding place.

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