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Memorial Day weekend is here, and for many of us that means hosting or attending the traditional cookout. Unfortunately, people aren't alone in enjoying warm, sunny weather and a variety of food and drink - pests are excited about your barbecue too, and they're not shy about inviting themselves.

It's no secret that spending time outdoors in New England means sharing space with all kinds of critters, but that doesn't mean we're okay with a buggy barbecue. Here are some tips for warding off festivity-loving fiends:

Pest Control Tips for Cookout DIY Outdoor Pest Control Massachusetts Rhode Island

Keep things clean. We're not saying you have to spend the whole time frantically cleaning - that's no fun - but periodically wiping down surfaces and disposing of trash in sealed containers can help reduce temptation for pests.

Keep it under wraps. Another way to prevent pests from inviting themselves over is to make sure trash and recycling bins are securely closed, and keep food and drink covered as much as possible.

A tidy yard. Overgrown grass, untrimmed vegetation, leaf litter, yard debris, and standing water provide the perfect conditions for pests like ticks, mosquitoes, mice, and rats.

Avoid flowering plants. Try to keep serving and dining areas away from flowering plants to help decrease your risk of run-ins with stinging insects.

Have repellent handy. EPA-approved repellent helps to protect you and your guests from mosquito and tick bites.

Fresh water. Reduce standing water around your property that may be collecting in wheelbarrows, buckets, tire swings, and other receptacles. Water in bird baths and pet dishes should be changed on a regular basis.

Let the light in. Keep grass and shrubbery trimmed - most pests prefer dark, shady areas for hiding.

We hope these tips help keep your holiday weekend pest-free - Remember, the experts at Burgess Pest are here to put a stop to what's bugging you, this season and all year long. Request a free estimate today to find out why we are New England's #1 choice for pest control.


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